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Jesus Christ

Alive Again Today and Forever

What is Jesus Christ like today?Jesus Christ

Your Date With Destiny: Meeting the Real Jesus

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God

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Do most churches really follow Christ? Is what they teach faithful to what...

What do we do as we pray, "Thy kingdom come" and as we wait for that time...

The story of Jephthah may be one of the most difficult stories to understand...

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Will people who commit suicide have a chance at salvation?Bible prophecy of the end time talks about a mysterious figure called the...Many people dismiss the biblical account of creation, thinking it contradicts...

Recent Comments

Paul Adams said:
The Jesuits devised this gibberish-talking teaching for one purpose only: Ecumenism. If they could get a Jesus follower to speak in gibberish, just like their Pentecostal...
3 days 12 min ago in Speaking in Tongues

Debbie Werner said:
Hi John,

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I agree that it is Christ’s sacrifice that even makes it possible for us to have eternal life in God’s Kingdom, and...
3 days 18 hours ago in Cloudy With a Chance of Faith Builders

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