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We live in a world focused on the now, but what hope do we have for the future? How will our actions today affect our tomorrow? Beyond Today looks beyond the now and focuses on the hope of the gospel of God's soon-coming kingdom. Each program will help you grasp the gospel's relevance to your life today, and how it will determine your tomorrow.

Join us as we explore a variety of thought-provoking topics, showing how the Bible is an always relevant, always revealing guide to every aspect of life. In each program, we will help you look beyond the headlines to discover how the Scriptures shed light on the major issues of our day and beyond.

Learn the surprising truth about important biblical topics. Get honest answers to challenging biblical questions. Discover how to apply time-tested biblical principles—principles that will help you understand and cope with the many problems we all have to face.

What exactly does "Beyond Today" mean for you?

Beyond Today Hosts

Steve Myers Steve Myers
Steve Myers has served congregations from Minnesota to Louisiana with his wife, Kathe. He presently is a Pastor of the Cincinnati, Ohio congregations of the United Church of God . Additionally he is an instructor at Ambassador Bible Center , an educational program that focuses on the Bible, Christian Living and fundamental biblical doctrines preparing young adults for leadership and service in the Church. The Myers also enjoy time with their three children.

Darris McNeely DarrisMcNeely
Darris McNeely works at the United Church of God home office in Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his wife, Debbie, have served in the ministry for more than 39 years. They have two sons and four grandchildren. Darris is an Associate Media Producer for the Church. He also is a resident faculty member at the Ambassador Bible Center.

Gary Petty Gary Petty
Gary Petty pastors in San Antonio, Austin and Waco Texas, with his wife, Kim. Gary attended Penn State University and Ambassador College. He worked in radio before entering the ministry. Gary and Kim have pastored for over twenty years in churches in Wisconsin and Texas. Gary is also a writer for The Good News Magazine and was the host of the national program Good News Radio from 2000-2005. Gary and Kim have three children.

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