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Why does it seem that we’re stuck with so many problems that defy solutions? The same problems that plague us today—violence, crime, corruption, hunger, disease, war and so many more—have been with us for thousands of years. Why can’t we find an answer? An answer does exist, and it’s found in the pages of your Bible. It’s wrapped up in the answer to the key question addressed in this issue: Why will Jesus Christ return? You need to know!

  • Why Will Jesus Christ Return?
  • The Key to Ending Chaos
  • Who Will Listen to My Warning?
  • The Bible’s Prophetic Festivals
  • The Supreme Court: Turning the World Upside Down
  • 75 Years Afer World War II: Will History Repeat?
  • The War on Law and Order
  • Living in the Light of Eternity—Today!
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