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Each issue of The Good News magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and The Good News' eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

Good News Magazine

November/December 2014

In this issue:
- America's War on God
- Banning the Mention of God in Public Life
- A Flood of Immorality
- Hope for Sinning Nations and Individuals
- Silencing God's Children
- Are You Fighting Against God?
- When Was Jesus Born?
- Is the Rapture Real?

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Good News Magazine

September/October 2014

In this issue:
- Awaiting the Prince of Peace
- Jesus Christ in the Biblical Festivals
- 20-Year Plan for a Global Caliphate
- Three Giant Leaps to Global Peace
- God's Plan as Revealed Through the Resurrections
- Jesus Christ and the Great White Throne Judgment
- Why Israel Matters
- Has God Lost Control?
- How Do I Survive in This Crazy, Negative World?
- Could God Be Calling You to Board the Spiritual Orphan Train?
- Follow Me... Wise Men Still Seek Him
- God, Music & You

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Good News Magazine

July/August 2014

In this issue:
- In Search of Peace
- A Soldier on the Western Front
- They Didn’t See It Coming
- As America Retreats, a Dangerous World Emerges
- The Cost of Discipleship

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Good News Magazine

May/June 2014

In this issue:
- A Race Well Run
- If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?
- When "Goodbye" Comes Too Suddenly
- Will I Go to Heaven When I Die?
- Is Hell Real?
- A Trip to Hell and Back

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Good News Magazine

March/April 2014

In this issue:
- Learning From Every Word of God
- Who Was Jesus?
- The Captain of Our Salvation: Was Jesus Truly One of Us?
- How Was Jesus' Success in Remaining Sinless Assured?
- Do Prophecies About Jesus Prove He Was the Messiah?
- Three Days and Three Nights: Did Jesus Keep His Word?
- Something Better Than Easter
- Jesus Christ's Resurrection: Our Hope of Life
- Where Does Easter Fit Into the Picture?
- A New Life Leading to Eternal Life

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Good News Magazine

January/February 2014

In this issue:
- What's the Purpose of Family?
- Five Keys to a Happy Family
- The Ultimate Purpose of the Family
- Why Are Young Christians Divorcing?
- Love Is Something That We Do
- Will You Wait for Each Other?
- Our Wounded Children: Who Will Make It Right?
- Prepare Your Child to Follow Christ
- Why the Massive Decline in America's Prestige?
- What's Behind America's Growing Dependency Society?
- Dependence, Independence and Helping Those in Need
- Follow Me... Beyond Our Personal Patmos
- How Is God's Work Supported?
- God Is Calling - Will You Answer?

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