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November—December 2019

In the 160 years that have passed since the publication of Charles Darwin’s book On the Evolution of Species, the theory of Darwinian evolution has dominated science and education. But new explorations in scientific study are exposing more and more flaws in the theory—and indeed showing it is an impossibility! In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we cover some of the major problems with Darwinian evolution—problems you’ll seldom see discussed elsewhere.

The Problem With Evolution and the Return of God

What does biochemistry tell us about the entrenched idea that life resulted from random chance over billions of years? Will we see a resurgence in belief in God as the true explanation?

Darwinism Unraveling

Charles Darwin s theory of evolution is widely accepted throughout the world. How did that theory develop, and is it true?

Foresight or Blind Evolution?

The argument that nature is a result of blind chance that only appears designed is becoming harder to defend with growing evidence of foresight and planning.

Interview With Intelligent Design Proponent Jay Richards

Dr. Richards discusses the history of the intelligent design movement and how recent areas of research increasingly point to a Designer.

Is Christmas Really Christian?

Many assume Jesus was born on Christmas or that, even if He wasn t, it s a good occasion to celebrate, since it s still worshipping Him. But did early Christians observe Christmas? And what should we do today?

Trade War: America and China Square Off

What s behind the economic pushing and shoving between the United States and China? What are the stakes? How might this affect the rest of the world and you?

A God-Centered Universe

Human history is filled with misguided views of the universe. The heart of the problem is man s failure to understand that God is at its center!

Current Events & Trends: November/December 2019

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the November/December 2019 issue of Beyond Today.

Letters From Our Readers: November/December 2019

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the November/December 2019 issue.

Beliefs Have Consequences

Evolution leaves mankind blind to our purpose, wandering and wondering in the dark.

The Problem Is...: 5 Tips on How to Avoid Negative Thinking and Be More Positive

How can we change a doom and gloom mindset? Instead of thinking everything in life is a problem, we can look at events as challenges to solve.

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