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November—December 2020

What a year 2020 has been! It started out bad, and seems to have often grown only worse. This has been a year of a world in crisis. But why? Where is all this going? What lies ahead? What is the biblical understanding that will help us make sense of it all? You need the eye-opening information packed into this issue!

A World in Crisis: What Lies Ahead?

The year 2020 has been a time of upheaval throughout the world. As we wind down the calendar year, what should Beyond Today readers understand about what has happened and what it means for the future?

An Unrecognizable America?

These are dangerous times. The ground is shifting underneath our feet. Prophecies of a very different world—one in which the United States no longer exists as a viable nation—are lining up.

What Are the Prophets Telling Us Today?

The biblical prophets have much to say to us today, declaring not only what will happen but why—and how we are to receive this truth from God.

America at a Crossroads: Which Path Will It Take?

What’s driving so much division and chaos in American society today? Why are there such starkly different visions of the nation’s future? What does this mean for you?

America’s Role in History Foretold

God gave great promises to the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Those promises were never fulfilled in ancient times. Yet that prophesied geopolitical role and abundant blessings are paralleled by what the United States and other English-spea

Follow Me: “My Peace I Give to You”

How are we to experience God’s gift of peace? Through the example of Jesus Christ and biblical principles of listening to God, drawing near to Him and trusting persistence.

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