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September—October 2023

It’s obvious that our world is plagued with serious problems. Look around at the devastating wars, civil unrest, violent crime, rampant theft, corrupt governments, grinding poverty, hunger, spreading substance abuse, broken homes and families, natural disasters, failing educational systems and much more. These things aren’t new; they’re the sad legacy of human history. Is there any hope that these problems will ever be solved? Believe it or not, there is indeed great hope, and it’s found in the pages of your Bible. It’s called the gospel, a word that means “good news.” And it truly is good news, the message of Jesus Christ’s coming reign over the earth and God’s divine solution to our problems! Learn much more about this wonderful hope and news in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

“I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds”

God’s Word offers great hope—hope of an astounding new world where weaponry will become a thing of the past: “They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore” (Isaiah 2:4).

Imagine Such a World

Beyond the chaotic darkness of today’s society, a beacon of hope brightly shines. A new age is coming to set right all that is wrong. Can you see it? Hold on to the vision.

The Vision Made Real

How will the beautiful picture of world peace and joy become reality? What stands in the way, how will change happen, and can change start now?

The Bible’s Holy Days: God’s Blueprint for Peace on Earth

History proves mankind doesn’t know true peace. Yet God promises it will come. How? A series of biblical festivals shows how He will bring permanent peace to the entire world.

A Kingdom That Will Stand Forever

Kingdoms, dynasties and empires, indeed all nations, eventually collapse and come to an end. Others arise to take their place, and they too fall. Yet the Bible reveals a coming Kingdom that will never end. And you can prepare now to be part of it!

Five Ways Jesus Christ Will Change the World

Coming soon—the spectacular and glorious return of our Savior returning as King of Kings to establish the Kingdom of God throughout the earth! Here are just five of the changes His rule will bring.

Is God Trying to Save the World Now?

Salvation means being delivered from harm, loss or destruction. When used in a spiritual sense it means to be rescued from the penalty of sin. Since all people need salvation, is God offering it to them today, or has He set in motion a strikingly different and far better plan?

How Do We Make God Real to Our Children? Part 2

In our roles as parents, nothing could be more important than leading our children into a loving relationship with God. But how can we do that? Here are additional practical steps to guide the process.

How Can You Find Peace in Our Troubled World?

The news is often bleak, and life can be difficult. Peace may seem out of reach, but it’s not. You can experience it today.

Where Are We Now in Bible Prophecy?

In a world growing more confusing and dangerous by the day, does Bible prophecy offer crucial understanding and insight?

Follow Me: For Such a Time as This!

Would a person placed in a position in life to help bring God’s intended deliverance, to serve His will, step up and act even amid difficulty and peril? It’s a decision we all face. Will you stand for God’s purposes?

Current Events & Trends: September/October 2023

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the September/October 2023 issue of Beyond Today.

Letters From Our Readers: September/October 2023

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the September/October 2023 issue.

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