Imagine Such a World

by Rick Shabi Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Most everyone would agree we live in a world that has changed in many ways over the last few years. Societal norms that existed for centuries have been abandoned. Alliances are being formed that hearken back to darker days and times of the Cold War. Freedoms that have marked modern democracies are being challenged even in the very same nations that introduced those freedoms to the world.

All these changes have led to confusion. What’s going on? Where is this headed? What kind of world will my children inherit? We find ourselves asking, “What is the truth?”—even in areas that have not been in question before.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the confusion could go away and all the world could be at peace and in perfect harmony? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone knew the real truth about matters —and if our world leaders were all of one mind, dedicated to serving the people entrusted to their care, improving their lives and bringing them together? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are real, workable answers to the global problems we face today and that those are being used to bring about the world we all long for?

Just imagine a world where there is unity and universal happiness and joy, with all motivated by love for each other.

Join me as we imagine such a world.

Envisioning peace, safety and faithfulness

Imagine a world where there was no war, anywhere on earth. There have been a few times in the history of mankind where there was no actual war being waged, but even then the “winds of war” were blowing, with one nation or tribe working on plans to take over another.

Imagine a world where the climate was perfectly under control. There would be no damaging and deadly hurricanes, tornadoes or forest fires—and no talk of rising sea levels or rising temperatures that might threaten the existence of mankind.

Imagine a world where dreaded diseases like cancer, heart disease, COPD and Covid were gone, and where the threat of global pandemics did not exist. Imagine a world without endless advertisements for the latest pharmaceutical “wonder” drug, with people everywhere enjoying full health.

Imagine a world where children could play safely in the streets without parents wondering where they were or who might come by and nab them. The sound of children playing and laughing would fill the air and bring joy to all those who hear it.

Imagine a world where children could go to school while their parents are fully aware of what they’re being taught. The basics of education like reading, writing and arithmetic would be key subjects of the day, children learning concepts that will improve their lives as they gain skills for the future.

Imagine a world where all people know there really are only two genders—male and female. Men and boys know they are male, and girls and women know they are female, and they grow up appreciating their identity and the vital roles in life each fulfill.

Imagine a world where there is no divorce, where the nuclear family is intact, where Mom and Dad love each other, are faithful to each other and are committed to staying with each other for life, their children enjoying all the benefits of growing up in loving homes.

Yearning for liberty, abundance and harmony

Imagine a world where addictions to drugs, alcohol or other substances were so well counseled and worked with that people had lasting recovery. Imagine a world free of fentanyl and opioids and of substance abuse altogether.

Imagine a world where food and water are in abundance in every nation and every region of the world. Famines, droughts, food shortages caused by war or poor governmental decisions are a part of the dark history of the past. Throughout Asia, Africa, South America and everywhere else, food would be grown and harvested in fields worked by local workers. Fruits and vegetables would have rich, robust flavor—forgotten in the mass production days of the past.

Imagine a world where all families have their own home and land they enjoy and use. Gone would be crammed-together dwelling places where green space is difficult to find, and the homelessness that plagues so many cities today would be no more. The wonders of the earth and soil would be better appreciated as people see plants and trees growing and producing food, with our children learning what a blessing and miracle our planet is.

Imagine a world where crime and violence are nonexistent. There would be no fear of mass shootings in the “most unlikely” of places. Schools and other public gathering places would be completely safe. And if someone starts to do something harmful, there is swift preventative intervention.

Imagine a world with no need for elaborate security systems to protect our homes, our assets or our identities. All theft would be curtailed, and people would respect each other’s property.

Imagine a world where envy and jealousy gave way to goodwill toward others. How would that affect all society in every nation and locale around the world? Can you imagine a world where everyone was happy for the successes of his neighbor, and where nations were not envious of another nation’s prosperity?

Imagine a world where leaders were dedicated to rightly serving the people under their jurisdiction. Ulterior motives for public service and corruption, whether profiteering or an appetite for power to “lord it over” one’s town or nation, would not be the norm. Instead, a true and pure attitude of service would characterize all public servants. Just imagine such a world.

Imagine a world of such peace that even animals are at peace with each other—a world where wolves and lambs, lions and deer, snakes and young children can coexist in harmony.

Could it ever be?

Amazingly, this world is in fact described in many prophecies throughout the Bible, as we often relate in the pages of this magazine and as we focus on in this issue in particular.

As you gain more perspective through learning of God’s wonderful promises of the age to come, let this vision continue to occupy your thoughts. Think about the things that, to you, would make for a better world where people everywhere are happy and growing in love, respect and genuine care for each other.

Keep imagining this world where the needs of everyone are met and people learn to work hard and build into their lives the practices that result in true happiness, contentment and the right sense of purpose—a world where there is certainty in the way, the truth and the life.

Is such a world possible? The answer is absolutely yes. In fact, beyond the confusion, chaos, war, strife, unhappiness, misery and hopelessness we see today, the world we have been imagining here will emerge, and you can be part of it.

Yet how will this come about, and how can you be part of this tremendous change that will happen?

To discover that, read the article, “The Vision Made Real,” and continue through other articles in this issue. May God help you to capture the vision—and let it shape the direction of your life!

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