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March—April 2002

In this issue we offer you a sampling of the evidence that’s available-documentation showing that details of the people, places and events described in the Bible have been verified by archaeologists and historians. All the evidence in the world does us no good if we are not willing to believe the Bible enough to put it to the ultimate test-that of doing what it tells us to do.

The Bible: Myth or History

Many people will tell you that the Bible is only a collection of fables, but they're not telling you the whole story. Can you believe the Bible? The implications are enormous.

Can You Believe the Bible?

Let's see how William Ramsey searched for the answer to this vital question.

An Ancient Inscription Proves King David Was Real

For many years some critics have asserted that many biblical figures, including King David, are nothing more than myth.

The Mighty Assyrian Empire Emerges From the Dust

Perhaps archaeology's most dramatic find among the treasure troves of the past was the remains of the ancient Assyrian Empire.

The Exodus Controversy

Did the Exodus really happen? Did God deliver the ancient Israelites from Egyptian slavery as the Bible describes? Contrary views have generated much publicity, but the facts of the Bible's side of the argument are seldom told.

Jericho: Does the Evidence Disprove or Prove the Bible?

Archaeology-subject as it is to archaeologists' decisions, interpretations and even biases—is admittedly not an exact science. Yet, when viewed objectively, the evidence uncovered at Jericho precisely fits with the biblical account.

The Bible vs. Modern Scholarship

A Good News Interview with Bryant Wood, Ph.D.

Behind the Headlines... A World Without the United States

Imagine the unimaginable: The president, in the White House, the vice president, at the National Observatory, and all Cabinet members, in their respective agency headquarters, are killed in a terrorist attack on downtown Washington.

Are We Missing the Message of God?

How well do we understand the meaning behind Christ's sufferings? Do we appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

The Enduring Importance of Christ's Sacrifice

These biblical excerpts help expound upon the importance of Christ's sacrifice.

Seven Reasons Why Jesus Was Born

The Gospels tell us Jesus died in the spring at the time of the Passover. But why did He have to die? To understand, we need to realize why it was Jesus' destiny to enter this chaotic, sin-sick world.

The Surprising Sayings of Jesus Christ: Who Was Jesus Christ? - Part 2

In the first part of answering this question, we examined Jesus' identity as the Christ. But what about the rest of Peter's statement, ". . . the Son of the living God"? We address that in this second part of "Who Was Jesus Christ?"

Profiles of Faith: Rahab - From Harlot to Heroine

If a common harlot of Canaan could become an uncommon saint of faith and courage and receive the privilege of motherhood in the line of Jesus Christ, then surely nothing is impossible with God. Rahab's amazing story is a lesson for us all.

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